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In preparation for her sisters wedding. Via Instagram @FallonBowman


“So my parents thought this would be funny this Christmas”

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The new Avengers movie looks great


my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

That last one though.

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This kitten knows what’s up

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Title: Tears in Rain Artist: Amphibious Assault 27 plays


The Kittiegogo campaign is over! THANK YOU so much to everyone who contributed. At 203% of our goal, you have proven that Kittie people are the best people! Now comes all the hard work and fun stuff!Here is a shot from the video shoot day… Thank you from ALL OF US!

Fallon and Talena are too adorable for their own damn good, especially Fallon though.


The news is up! Visit this website to read up on more and donate!

Oh my gosh! Finally!


(1/6/14): I remember having the biggest crush on Fallon Bowman (Ex-Guitarist of Kittie) when I was 16.

Still gorgeous 14 years later <3

Kittie // Brackish

Fallon and Kittie.

Creative, innovative, witty, charismatic, loving, poetic, kind hearted, and determined are all words that describe me. I consider myself to be a very unique individual, I have several goals I hope to achieve one day, and I will keep working on them till they get me somewhere. My hobbies include writing, singing, photographing various people and places, going on long walks, hanging out with the people I love the most, and learning new things.

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